Guidance Office

The Donald E. Gavit High School Guidance Department is here to assist students in grades 9 - 12 with an array of presenting issues; such as  scheduling questions, conflict management, transition difficulties, preparing for the future, and more.

Parents are encouraged to call their student’s counselor to make an appointment.  Students are more than welcome to stop by the Guidance Department for assistance before school, after school, or after they eat lunch.   Always have a pass from your teacher during the school day!
We strive to ensure students are responsible in achieving the highest educational experience possible at Gavit.   We want our students to have a healthy and safe educational, social and emotional experience.    We encourage the students to be well-rounded in academics and extra-curricular activities in order to have a fully diverse experience at school.  This teaches time management and the skill of prioritizing their commitments.   The skills learned in middle school are accentuated in high school.

Becky Helmuth, Registrar
219-989-7328 ext. 1330

Emmy Cisneros, Counselor 6th - 7th grade
219-989-7328 ext. 1334

Lindsay Farmer,  Freshman Counselor, 8th-9th grade
219-989-7328 ext. 1332